Strong Password Generator

This is a strong password generator that unlike the passwords generated by most Password Managers, which are typically long random strongs of difficult to type characters, this generates strong passwords, that may be easier to type or remember. It's mostly inspired by this classic XKCD Comic.

The passwords are generated server-side via a small PHP script, you can see the source code on GitHub. I've written it this way, as a) I'm not that great with javascript, and b) some people like to have javascript turned off.

There's no logging of your requests for this page, so I do not know who you are, and as the script returns 10 random passwords which are created on the fly, I have no idea which one you pick.

The HTML used is as basic as I can make it, so that it is responsive and lightweight.

You can check the strength of any of the passwords generated via one of these services (I am in no way affiliated with any of them):

This copy of the password generator is for demonstration purposes only, If you find it useful, I strongly recommend that for maximum security, you self-host it, It only requires PHP (and a Web Server of course!).