[AmigaOS 3.1 Command Reference/Which] 


Format: WHICH <command> [NORES] [RES] [ALL] Template: FILE/A, NORES/S, RES/S, ALL/S Purpose: To search the command path for a particular item. Path: C:WHICH Specifcation: WHICH lets you find a particular command, program, or directory by entering its name. If the named item is in the search path, WHICH displays the complete path to that item. WHICH lists resident commands as RESIDENT and internal commands as INTERNAL. Normally, WHICH searches the resident list, the current directory, the command path(s), and the C: directory. The condition flag is set to 5 (WARN) if the file is not found. If the NORES option is specified, the resident list is not searched. If the RES option is specified, only the resident list is searched. The ALL switch causes the search to continue through the full search path, even after one or more examples of the named item have been found and listed. This ensures that all versions of a command or program are found. It can, however, lead to multiple listings of the same command, if that command is reached by more than one route (e.g., C: and the current directory). Examples: 1> WHICH avail C:avail 1> WHICH C: Workbench:C 1> WHICH alias INTERNAL alias

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