[AmigaOS 3.1 Command Reference/Type] 


Format: TYPE (<file|pattern>} [TO <name>] [OPT H|N] [HEX] [NUMBER] Template: FROM/A/M, TO/K, OPT/K, HEX/S, NUMBER/S Purpose: To display a text file. Path: C:TYPE Specification: TYPE will output the contents of the named file to the current window, if no destination is given, or to a specified output file. If more than one filename is specified, and the TO keyword is not used, the filenames will be typed in sequence. The OPT H and OPT N options are also available by the HEX and NUMBER keywords, respectively. The HEX option causes the file to be typed as columns of hexadecimal numbers, with an ASCII character interpretation column. This is useful for analyzing object files. The NUMBER option will number the lines as they are output. To pause output, press the Space bar. To resume output, press Backspace, Return, or Ctrl+X. To stop output, press Ctrl+C (***BREAK is displayed). Example: 1> TYPE DEVS:MountList The contents of the MountList file in the DEVS: directory will be displayed on the screen.

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