[AmigaOS 3.1 Command Reference/Status] 


Format: STATUS [<process>] [FULL] [TCB] [CLI|ALL] [COMMAND <command>] Template: PROCESS/N, FULL/S, TCB/S, CLl=ALL/S, COM=COMMAND/K Purpose: To list information about Shell/CLl processes. Path: C:STATUS Specifcation: STATUS without any arguments lists the numbers of the cunent Shell/CLI processes and the program or command, if any, running in each. The <process> argument specifies a process number, and STATUS will only give information about that process. For information on the stacksize, global vector size, priority, and current command for each process, use the FULL keyword. The TCB keyword is similar, but omits the command information. With the COMMAND option, you can tell STATUS to search for a command. STATUS then scans the Shell list, looking for the specified <command>. If the command is found, the Shell number is output, and the condition flag is set to 0. Otherwise the flag is set to 5 (WARN). This is useful in script files. Example 1: 1> STATUS 1 Process 1: Loaded as command: status Example 2: 1> STATUS 1 FULL Process 1: stk 4000, gv 150, pri 0 Loaded as command: status Example 3: 1> STATUS >RAM:Xyz COMMAND=COPY 1> BREAK <RAM:Xyz >NIL: ? Sends a break to the process executing COPY. See also: BREAK

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