[AmigaOS 3.1 Command Reference/SetKeyboard] 


Format: SETKEYBOARD <keymap name> Template: KEYMAP/A Purpose: To set the keymap for the Shell. Path: C:SETKEYBOARD Specification: SETKEYBOARD specifies the keymap used by the Amiga. The available files are listed below: Keymap: Keyboard: cdn French Canadian chl Swiss French ch2 Swiss German d German dk Danish e English f French gb Great Britain i Italian n Norwegian po Portuguese s Swedish usa0 (For programs developed before V1.0) usa American usa2 Dvorak To have the system always use a keymap other than the default, add the SETKEYBOARD command to your Startup-sequence file, or use the Input editor for a permanent choice. Example: To change to a French Canadian keymap, enter: 1> SETKEYBOARD cdn The keymap file must be in the KEYMAPS: directory for SETKEYBOARD to find it.

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