[AmigaOS 3.1 Command Reference/SetFont] 


Format: SETFONT <font> <size> [SCALE] [PROP] [ITALIC] [BOLD] [UNDERLINE] Template: NAME/A, SIZE/N/A, SCALE/S, PROP/S, ITALIC/S, BOLD/S, UNDERLINE/S Purpose: To change the Shell font. Path: C:SETFONT Specification: SETFONT lets you change the font used in a particular Shell window, overriding the System Default Text setting specified in the Font editor. SETFONT is only effective in the window in which it is invoked. You must specify both a font name and a size when using the SETFONT command. The other options are: SCALE Enables bitmap font scaling PROP Allows proportional fonts ITALIC The font will be italic BOLD The font will be boldface UNDERLINE The font will be underlined Invoking SETFONT will clear the Shell window of its current contents and display a new prompt, in the new font, at the top of the window. Example: 1> SETFONT Topaz 13 BOLD UNDERLINE The Shell window will clear, and the new prompt will be in 13 point Topaz, underlined and boldface.

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