[AmigaOS 3.1 Command Reference/SetClock] 


Format: SETCLOCK LOAD|SAVE|RESET Template: LOAD/S, SAVE/S, RESET/S Purpose: To set or read the battery backed-up hardware clock. Path: C:SETCLOCK Specification: SETCLOCK SAVE sets the date and time of the battery backed-up hardware clock from the current system time (saved with the Time editor or with the DATE command). SETCLOCK SAVE is typically used after a DATE command. SETCLOCK LOAD sets the current system time from the battery backed-up clock. In systems using Kickstart 2.0 or later, this is done automatically during the boot process. The RESET option resets the clock completely. This may be necessary if a poorly written program that does not follow the rules turns the clock off or sets the test bit of the clock. Example: 1> DATE 17-Aug-92 05:45:54 1> SETCLOCK SAVE Saves the date, August 17, 1992, and the time, 5:45 a.m., to the battery backed-up hardware clock. That clock keeps time even when the Amiga is powered off. When the system is booted, the system clock is set with the time saved in the hardware clock. Amiga 500s do not have battery backed-up clocks, unless an A501 RAM expansion cartridge has been installed. See also: DATE

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