[AmigaOS 3.1 Command Reference/Search] 


Format: SEARCH [FROM] <name|pattern> [SEARCH] <string|pattern> [ALL] [NONUM] [QUIET] [QUICK] [FILE] [PATTERN] Template: FROM/M, SEARCH/A, ALL/S, NONUM/S, QUIET/S, QUICK/S, FILE/S, PATTERN/S Purpose: To look for the specified text string in the files of the specified directory or directories. Path: C:SEARCH Specification: SEARCH looks through all the files in the FROM directory for the given SEARCH string. (The FROM and SEARCH keywords are optional.) If the ALL switch is given, SEARCH also looks through all the subdirectories of the FROM directory. SEARCH displays the name of the file being searched and any line that contains the text sought. You must place quotation marks around any search text containing a space. The search is case insensitive (capitalization is ignored). The options are: NONUM Line numbers are not printed with the strings QUIET Searches quietly; filenames being searched are not displayed QUICK Uses a more compact output format FILE Looks for a file by the specified name, rather than for a string in the file PATTERN Uses pattern matching in the search SEARCH leaves a 0 in the condition flag if the object is found, and a 5 (WARN) otherwise. This makes it useful in scripts. To abandon the search of the current file and continue to the next file, if any, press Ctrl+D. SEARCH is aborted when a Ctrl+C is pressed.

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