[AmigaOS 3.1 Command Reference/Run] 


Format: RUN <command> [+{<command>}] Template: COMMAND/F Purpose: To execute commands as background processes. Path: Internal Specification: RUN is used to launch background processes. A background process does not open its own window for input or output and does not take over the parent Shell. RUN attempts to execute the <command> and any arguments entered on the command line. You can RUN multiple commands by separating them with plus signs (+). If you press Return after a plus sign, RUN will interpret the next line as a continuation of the same command line. To allow the closing of the Shell window in which the process was started, redirect the output of RUN with the RUN >NlL: <command>. A new background Shell has the same search path and command stack size as the Shell from which RUN was given. You can RUN commands stored on the resident list. For speed, resident commands are checked before commands in the command path. A Shell started with RUN NEWSHELL still uses the default startup file, S:Shell-startup. Example 1: 1> RUN COPY Text PRT:+ DELETE Text + ECHO "Printing finished" prints the Text file by copying it to the printer device, deletes it, then displays the given message. Plus signs are used to concatenate the command lines. Example 2: 1> RUN EXECUTE Comseq Executes, in the background, all the commands in the file Comseq.

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