[AmigaOS 3.1 Command Reference/RequestChoice] 


Format: REQUESTCHOICE <title> <body> <gadgets> [PUBSCREEN <public screen name>] Template: TITLE/A, BODY/A, GADGETS/A, PUBSCREEN/K Purpose: To allow AmigaDOS and ARexx scripts to use the Intuition EasyRequest() feature. Path: C:REQUESTCHOICE Specifcation: REQUESTCHOICE allows AmigaDOS and ARexx scripts to use the Intiution EasyRequest () feature. The <title> argument specifies the title of the requester. The <body> argument specifes the text ofthe requester. Linefeeds can be embedded using *n. The <gadgets> argument specifies the text for the different gadgets. The gadget labels are separated with |. The number of the selected gadget is printed as a result to the console. For evaluation in a script file you can redirect this output into an environment variable. If the requester could not be opened, the command will generate a return code of 20. REQUESTCHOICE is valid on Workbench 3.0 level software. Examples: 1> RequestChoice >ENV:rcnum "New Title" "This is my requester, *nselect a gadget" "OK|Maybe|Cancel"

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