[AmigaOS 3.1 Command Reference/Rename] 


Format: RENAME [{FROM}] <name> [TO|AS] <name> [QUlET] Template: FROM/A/M, TO=AS/A, QUIET/S Purpose: To change the name of a file or directory. Path: C:RENAME Specification: RENAME renames the FROM file or directory with the specifed TO name. FROM and TO must be on the same disk. If the name refers to a directory, RENAME leaves the contents of the directory unchanged (the directories and files within that directory keep the same names and contents). If you rename a directory, or if you use RENAME to give a file another directory name (for example, you rename :Bill/letter to :Mary/Letter), AmigaDOS changes the position of that directory or file in the filing system hierarchy. The colon before the directory indicates that the directory is in the root directory. Example 1: 1> RENAME Work/Prog1 AS :Arthur/Example Renames the file Prog1 as Example, and moves it from the Work directory to the Arthur directory. The Arthur directory must exist in the root directory for this command to work. Example 2: 1> RENAME 7.2Fax 8.16Fax 9.22Fax TO Faxes Moves the 7.2Fax, 8.16Fax, and 9.22Fax files to the Faxes directory. The Faxes directory must already exist.

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