[AmigaOS 3.1 Command Reference/RemRAD] 


Format: REMRAD [<device>] [FORCE] Template: DEVICE,FORCE/S Purpose: To remove the recoverable ramdrive.device. Path: C:REMRAD Specification: If you want to remove the recoverable ramdrive.device (usually mounted as RAD:) from memory, and you do not want to turn the system off, you can use the REMRAD command. If you have mounted more than one recoverable ramdrive.device, use the DEVICE specification. REMRAD commands the ramdrive.device to delete all of its files and become inactive. The next time the Amiga is rebooted, the ramdrive.device is removed from memory completely. If the device is in use at the time the REMRAD command is given, the operation will abort with a device in use message. To remove it even if it is in use, you must use the FORCE option.

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