[AmigaOS 3.1 Command Reference/Relabel] 


Format: RELABEL [DRIVE] <drive> [NAME] <name> Template: DRIVE/A,NAME/A Purpose: To change the volume name of a disk. Path: C:RELABEL Specification: RELABEL changes the volume name of the disk in the given drive to the <name> specified. Volume names are set initially when you format a disk. If you have a floppy disk system with only one disk drive, be sure to specify the disks by volume name, instead of drive name. Examples: 1> RELABEL Workbench: MyDisk Changes the name of the Workbench disk to MyDisk. Notice that you don't need the colon after the second name. 1> RELABEL DF2: DataDisk Changes the name of the disk in DF2: to DataDisk.

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