[AmigaOS 3.1 Command Reference/Prompt] 


Format: PROMPT [<prompt>] Template: PROMPT Purpose: To change the prompt string of the current Shell. Path: Internal Specification: PROMPT allows you to customize the prompt string, the text printed by the Shell at the beginning of a command line. The prompt string may contain any characters, including escape sequences. In the examples in this manual, the prompt string is shown as 1>. The default prompt string is: %N.%S> which displays the Shell number, a period, the current directory, a right angle-bracket and a space. The substitutions available for the <prompt> string are: %N Displays the Shell number. %S Displays the current directory. %R Displays the return code for the last operation. A space is not automatically added to the end of the string. If you want a space between the prompt and typed-in text, place it in the string, and enclose the string in double quotes. You can embed commands in the prompt string by enclosing the command in backward apostrophes (`). PROMPT alone, without a string argument, resets the prompt to the default. Example 1: 1> PROMPT %I%I Only the Shell number is shown. The > is removed from the prompt. Example 2: 1> PROMPT "%N.%S.%R> " 1.SYS:.0> The Shell number, current directory, and return code of the previous command are shown. A space is included after the >. Example 3: 1> PROMPT " `date`> " Tuesday 11-5ep-90 14:36:39> The DATE command is executed and used as the prompt. The prompt is not updated as the time changes. You would have to execute the PROMPT command again to update the Shell prompt.

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