[AmigaOS 3.1 Command Reference/PrinterGFX] 


Format: PRINTERGFX [FROM <filename>] [EDIT] [USE] [SAVE] [PUBSCREEN <public screen name>] Template: FROM, EDIT/S, USE/S, SAVE/S, PUBSCREEN/K Purpose: To specify graphic printing options. Path: Extras:Prefs/PrinterGfx Specifcation: PRINTERGFX without any arguments or with the EDIT argument opens the PrinterGfx editor. The FROM argument lets you specify a file to open. This must be a file that was previously saved with the Save As menu item of the PrinterGfx editor. For example, if you have saved a special configuration of the PrinterGfx editor to a file in the Presets drawer, you can use the FROM argument to open that file. If the USE switch is also given, the editor will not be opened, but the settings in the FROM file will be used. If the SAVE switch is given, the editor will not open, but the settings in the FROM file will be saved. Example: 1> PRINTERGFX Prefs/Presets/PrinterGfx.halftone USE Loads and uses the specifications saved in the PrinterGfx.halftone file. If the system is rebooted, the last saved specifcations will be loaded.

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