[AmigaOS 3.1 Command Reference/NewShell] 


Format: NEWSHELL [<window specification>] [FROM <filename>] Template: WINDOW,F ROM Purpose: To open a new interactive Shell window. Path: Internal Specifications: NEWSHELL invokes a new, interactive Shell. The new window becomes the currently-selected window and process. The new window has the same current directory, prompt string, path, and stack size as the one from which it was invoked. However, each Shell window is independent, allowing separate input, output, and program execution. The window can be sized, dragged, zoomed, and depth-adjusted just like most other Amiga windows. To create a custom window, you can include the WINDOW argument. You may specify the initial dimensions, location, and title of the window with this <window specification> syntax: CON:x/y/width/height/title/options Where:


Is the number of pixels from the left edge of the screen to the left border of the Shell window.


Is the number of pixels from the top of the screen to the top of the Shell window.


Is the width of the Shell window, in pixels.


Is the height of the Shell window, in pixels.


Is the text that appears in the Shell window title bar. The permissible options are:


The window automatically appears when the program needs input or produces output. With the Shell window, it will open for input immediately. The window can only be closed with the ENDSHELL command. Selecting the Shell's close gadget will close the window, but it will re-open immediately since it is expecting input.


The window has all the standard gadgets, including a close gadget.


The window appears on the backdrop, behind all the Workbench windows. The only gadget in the window border is the zoom gadget. This Shell window cannot be brought to the front of the screen; you have to resize the Workbench windows to see it.


The window opens without any left or bottom window border. Only the zoom, depth, and sizing gadgets are available.


The window cannot be dragged. It has a zoom, depth and sizing gadget, but no close gadget.


The window only has a depth gadget.


The window will open on a public screen. The screen must already exist. You must specify the name of the screen after the SCREEN keyword.


If you enlarge the window, the text will expand to fill the newly available space, allowing you to see text that had been scrolled out of the window.


If you enlarge the window, the text does not expand to fill the newly available space.


The window can only be closed by selecting the close gadget. (An example of this is the Execute Command Workbench Output Window.) NEWSHELL uses the default startup file S:Shell-startup, unless a FROM filename is specifed. S:Shell-startup is a standard AmigaDOS script file. You might have several different Shell-startup files, each having different command aliases, for example. You can call such customized Shell environments with FROM. The NEWCLI command has the same effect as NEWSHELL; it invokes a new Shell process. Example 1: 1> NEWSHELL A new Shell window will open. Example 2: 1> NEWSHELL CON:0/0/640/200/My5hell/CLOSE A window starting in the upper left corner of the screen and measuring 640 pixels wide and 200 pixels high will open. The window will be titled MyShell, and it will have a close gadget. If you add the command to your User-startup file, a Shell window will open automatically when your Amiga is booted. Example 3: 1> NEWSHELL FROM S:Programming.startup Opens a new Shell, but instead of executing the Shell-startup file, the Programming.startup file is executed. You could have aliases and prompt commands in the Programming.startup file that you only use when you are programming.

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