[AmigaOS 3.1 Command Reference/Mount] 


Format: MOUNT {device} [FROM <filename>] Template: DEVICE/M, FROM/K Purpose: To make a device connected to the system available. Path: C:MOUNT Specification: MOUNT causes AmigaDOS to recognize new devices, handlers, or file systems that are being added to the system. The DEVICE keyword specifies the devices to be mounted. A MountList file contains the parameters of the device that is being mounted. By default, MOUNT looks for the MountList file in DEVS:DOSDrivers. If it does not find the file, it will then look in SYS:Storage/DOSDrivers. Each DOSDriver file has an icon associated with it that represents the Mount file describing the device. The ability to drag DOSDriver icons means that you can control what device gets mounted in your system. This is important for CrossDOS. For example, by double clicking on the PC0 icon, you can activate MS-DOS device unit 0. By dragging the PC0 icon from Storage/DOSDrivers to Devs/ DOSDrivers, you make the selection permanent, and PC0: is then available after every reboot. Multiple devices can be mounted with just one invocation. Different actions are taken depending on whether the device name argument ends with a colon. Example 1: 1> Mount PIPE: This looks for the file DEVS:DOSDrivers/PlPE and processes it if found. If the Mount file is processed successfully, the Tool Types for DEVS:DOSDrivers/PIPE.info are then processed and override any settings from the Mount file. If DEVS:DOSDrivers/PIPE does not exist, an attempt is made to find SYS:Storage/DOSDrivers/PIPE. If this also fails, then an attempt is made to find a PIPE entry in DEVS:MountList. Example 2: 1> Mount PIPE When there is no colon at the end of a device name argument, the name is taken as the filename of the Mount file to process. This filename can contain wildcards so something like the following is possible: Mount DEVS:DOSDrivers/~(#?.info). Example 3: 1> Mount PIPE FROM <MountList> This scans for a PIPE entry in <MountList>. Any keyword that can be put in a MountList can also be put as a Tool Type entry. The Tool Types data overrides the MountList file itself. See Appendix B for further information on MountList.

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