[AmigaOS 3.1 Command Reference/MORE] 


Format: MORE <filename> Template: FILENAME/K Purpose: To display the contents of an ASCII file. Path: SYS:Utilities/More Specification: MORE displays the contents of the file <filename>. If the file is not in the current directory, you must specify the complete path. If you don't specify a file, MORE will display a file requester. Command keys for MORE are explained on screen when you press the H key. MORE also accepts input from a PIPE. Since standard input from a PIPE is of unknown length, the Previous Page (Backspace or b), Last Page (>), and More N% into file (%N) commands are disabled when the MORE input is from a PIPE. If the EDITOR environment variable is defined and you are using MORE from the Shell, you can bring up an editor to use on the file you are viewing (press Shift+E). The EDITOR variable should have the complete path to the editor specified; i.e., C:ED. Example: 1> MORE DF0:TestFile Displays the contents of the ASCII file called TestFile on the disk in drive DF0:.

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