[AmigaOS 3.1 Command Reference/MakeLink] 


Format: MAKELINK [FROM] <file> [TO] <file> [HARD] [FORCE] Template: FROM/A, TO/A, HARD/S, FORCE/S Purpose: To create a link between files. Path: C:MAKELINK Specification: MAKELINK creates a file on a disk that is a pointer to another file, known as a link. When an application or command calls the FROM file, the TO file is actually used. By default, MAKELINK supports hard links - the FROM file and TO file must be on the same volume. Soft links, which can be links across volumes, are not currently implemented. Normally, MAKELINK does not support directory links, as they can be dangerous to applications. To create a directory link, you must use the FORCE option. If MAKELINK detects that you are creating a circular link, such as a link to a parent directory, you will receive a Link loop not allowed message.

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