[AmigaOS 3.1 Command Reference/MakeDir] 


Format: MAKEDIR {<name>} Template: NAME/M Purpose: To create a new directory. Path: C:MAKEDIR Specification: MAKEDIR creates a new, empty directories with the names you specify. The command works within only one directory level at a time, so any directories on the given paths must already exist. The command fails if a directory or a file of the same name already exists in the directory in which you are attempting to create a new directory. MAKEDIR does not create a drawer icon for the new directory. Example 1: 1> MAKEDIR Tests Creates a directory Tests in the current directory. Example 2: 1> MAKEDIR DF1:Xyz Creates a directory Xyz in the root directory of the disk in DF1:. Example 3: 1> CD DF0: 1> MAKEDIR Documents Payables Orders Creates three directories, Documents, Payables, and Orders, on the disk in DF0:.

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