[AmigaOS 3.1 Command Reference/MagTape] 


Format: MAGTAPE [DEVICE <device name>] [UNIT <n>] [RET|RETENSION] [REW|REWIND] [SKIP <n>) Template: DEVICE/K, UNIT/N/K, RET=RETENSION/S, REW=REWIND/S, SKIP/N/K Purpose: To retension, rewind, or skip forward on SCSI tapes. Path: C:MAGTAPE Specification: By default, MAGTAPE uses SCSl.device unit 4. To change the default, you must use both the DEVICE and UNIT keywords. The RET|RETENSION option runs the tape to the end, then rewinds it. The REW|REWIND option rewinds the tape. The SKIP <n> option allows you to skip files on the tape. MAGTAPE tests to see if the unit is ready before sending the command. If your tape is not on-line, you may have to repeat the MAGTAPE command. Example: 1> MAGTAPE DEVICE second scsi.device UNIT 0 REW

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