[AmigaOS 3.1 Command Reference/Lock] 


Format: LOCK <drive> [ON|OFF] [<passkey>] Template: DRIVE/A, ON/S, OFF/S, PASSKEY Purpose: To set the write protect status of a device. Path: C:LOCK Specification: LOCK sets or unsets the write protect status of a device or partition. The LOCK remains on until the system is rebooted or until the LOCK is turned off with the LOCK OFF command. An optional passkey may be specified. If the passkey is used to lock a hard disk partition, the same passkey must be specifed to unlock the partition. The passkey may be any number of characters in length. Example: 1> LOCK Work: ON SecretCode The Work: partition is locked. You can read the contents of Work: with commands like DIR, LIST or MORE, but you cannot alter the contents of the partition. If you try to edit the contents of a file on Work:, a requester will appear stating that Work: is write-protected. For example, if you try to create a new directory by entering the following: 1> MAKEDIR WORK:Test The following message will appear: Can't create directory Work:Test Disk is write-protected To unlock the partition, enter: 1> LOCK Work: OFF SecretCode The locking of a device is only good for the duration of the current session. Resetting or turning off the Amiga cancels the locking of the device.

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