[AmigaOS 3.1 Command Reference/LoadWB] 


Format: LOADWB [-DEBUG] [DELAY] [CLEANUP] [NEWPATH] Template: -DEBUG/S, DELAY/S, CLEANUP/S, NEWPATH/S Purpose: To start Workbench. Path: C:LOADWB Specification: LOADWB starts the Workbench. Normally, this is done when booting, by placing the LOADWB command in the Startup- sequence file. If you shut down the Workbench, LOADWB can beused from a Shell to restart it. The -DEBUG option makes a special developer menu, Debug, available in the Workbench menu bar. If the DELAY option is specified, LOADWB waits three seconds before executing, giving disk activity time to stop. The CLEANUP option automatically performs a "cleanup" of the window. Workbench snapshots the current paths in effect when the LOADWB command is executed. It uses these paths for each Shell started from Workbench. NEWPATH allows you to specify a new path which is snapshot from the current Shell. Example 1: If you have quit the Workbench and are working through a Shell, entering: 1> LOADWB Will bring the Workbench back. Entering LOADWB when the Workbench is already loaded has no effect. Example 2: 1> PATH DF2:bin ADD 1> LOADWB NEWPATH Loads the Workbench. Any Shells started from the icon will have the same path as the Shell used to run the LOADWB NEWPATH command.

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