[AmigaOS 3.1 Command Reference/IPrefs] 


Format: IPREFS [QUIT] Template: QUIT/S Purpose: To communicate Preferences information stored in the individual editor files to the Workbench and Intuition. Path: C:IPREFS Specifications: IPREFS reads the individual system Preferences files and passes the information to the Workbench so that it can reply accordingly. IPREFS is generally run in the Startup-sequence after the Preferences files are copied to ENV:. Each time a user selects Save or Use from within an editor, IPREFS is notified and passes the information along to Workbench. If necessary, IPREFS will reset Workbench in order to implement those changes. If any project or tool windows are open, IPREFS will display a requester asking you to close any non-drawer windows. QUIT will halt all IPREFS operations. Since IPREFS runs in the background, there is no reason to use this option.

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