[AmigaOS 3.1 Command Reference/Install] 


Format: INSTALL [DRIVE] <DF0:|DF1:|DF2:|DF3:|CC0:> [NOBOOT] [CHECK] [FFS] Template: DRIVE/A, NOBOOT/S, CHECK/S, FFS/S Purpose: To write the boot block to a formatted floppy disk, or credit card, specifying whether it should be bootable. Path: C:INSTALL Specification: INSTALL clears a floppy disk's or credit card's boot block area and writes a valid boot block onto the media. The NOBOOT option removes the boot block from an AmigaDOS disk or card, making it not bootable. The CHECK option checks for valid boot code. It reports whether a disk or card is bootable or not and whether standard Commodore-Amiga boot code is present on the media. The condition flag is set to 0 if the boot code is standard (or the disk or card isn't bootable), 5 (WARN) otherwise. The FFS switch is ignored. It remains part of the template to ensure compatibility with earlier scripts and programs. Example 1: 1> INSTALL DF0: CHECK No bootblock installed Indicates that there is a non-bootable floppy in DF0:. Example 2: 1> INSTALL DF0: Makes the disk in drive DF0: a bootable disk. Example 3: 1> INSTALL DF0: CHECK Appears to be FFS bootblock Indicates that there is an FFS floppy in DF0:.

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