[AmigaOS 3.1 Command Reference/Info] 


Format: INFO [<device>] Template: DEVICE Purpose: To give information about the file system(s). Path: C:INFO Specification: INFO displays a line of information about each floppy disk drive and hard disk partition. This includes the maximum size of the disk, the used and free space, the number of soft disk errors that have occurred, and the status of the disk. With the DEVICE argument, INFO provides information on just one device or volume. Example: 1>INFO Mounted disks: Unit Size Used Free Full Errs Status Name DF0: 879K 1738 20 98% 0 Read Only Workbench DF1: 879K 418 1140 24% 0 Read/Write Text-6 Volumes available: Workbench [Mounted] Text-6 [Mounted]

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