[AmigaOS 3.1 Command Reference/GraphicDump] 


Format: GRAPHICDUMP [TINY|SMALL|MEDIUM|LARGE|<xdots>:<ydots>] Template: TINY/S, SMALL/S, MEDIUM/S, LARGE/S, <xdots>:<ydots>/s Purpose: To print the frontmost screen. Path: Extras:Tools/GraphicDump Specification: GRAPHICDUMP sends a dump of the frontmost screen to the printer about ten seconds after issuing the command. The ten second delay allows the user to bring the wanted screen to the front. The size options, which correspond to the program's acceptable Tool Types, determine the width of the printout:


1/4 the total width allowed by the printer


1/2 the total width allowed by the printer


3/4 the total width allowed by the printer


The full width allowed by the printer The height of the printout is such that the proportions of the screen are maintained. To specify exact dimensions, substitute the absolute width in dots for <xdots> and the absolute height for <ydots>. Example 1: 1> GRAPHICDUMP SMALL Will produce a printout of the frontmost screen that is about one-half the total width allowed by the printer. Example 2: 1> GRAPHICDUMP 600:300 Will produce a printout that is 600 dots wide by 300 dots high.

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