[AmigaOS 3.1 Command Reference/Format] 


Format: FORMAT DEVICE|DRIVE <device> NAME <name> [<OFS/FFS>] [<INTERNATIONAL|NOINTERNATIONAL>] [NOICONS] [QUICK] Template: DEVICE=DRIVE/K/A, NAME/K/A, OFS/S|FFS/S, INTL=INTERNATIONAL/S, NOINTL=NOINTERNATIONAL/S, NOICON/S, QUlCK/S Purpose: To format a disk for use with the Amiga. Path: SYS:System/Format Specification: To format a disk, you must specify both the DEVICE and the NAME keywords. The name can be from one to thirty-one characters in length. If you include spaces in the name, it must be enclosed in double quotes. The NOICONS option prevents a Trashcan icon from being added to the newly formatted disk. The QUICK option specifies that FORMAT will only format and create the root block (and track), the boot block (and track), and create the bitmap blocks. This is useful when reformatting a previously formatted floppy disk. The OFS option forces the disk to be formatted using the Old File System. This is the default for floppy disks. The FFS option causes the disk to be formatted using the Fast File System. This can provide for faster operation than OFS disks, but the resulting disks cannot be shared with Amigas with system software releases prior to 2.0. The INTERNATIONAL option forces the disk to be formatted using the international versions of the file systems. These international versions deal correctly with upper and lower letter case conversions of international characters in filenames. The NOINTERNATIONAL option forces the non-international equivalent to OFS NOINTERNATIONAL for a floppy device, and FFS NOINTERNATIONAL for a credit card device. Example 1: 1> FORMAT DRIVE DF0: NAME EmptyDisk Formats the disk in drive DF0:, erases any data, and names the disk EmptyDisk. Example 2: 1> FORMAT DRIVE DF2: NAME NewDisk QUICK Reformats, or erases, a disk that already contains data.

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