[AmigaOS 3.1 Command Reference/FileNote] 


Format: FILENOTE [FILE] <file|pattern> [COMMENT <comment>] [ALL] [QUIET] Template: FILE/A,COMMENT,ALL/S,QUIET/S Purpose: To attach a comment to a file. Path: C:FlLENOTE Specification: FILENOTE attaches an optional comment of up to 79 characters to the specified file or to all files matching the given pattern. If the <comment> includes spaces, it must be enclosed in double quotes. To include double quotes in a filenote, each literal quote mark must be immediately preceded by an asterisk (*), and the entire comment must be enclosed in quotes, regardless of whether the comment contains any spaces. If the <comment> argument is omitted, any existing filenote will be deleted from the named file. Creating a comment with FILENOTE is the same as entering a comment into the Comment gadget of an icon's Information window. Changes made with FILENOTE will be reflected in the Information window, and vice versa. When an existing file is copied to (specified as the TO argument of a COPY command), it will be overwritten, but its original comment will be retained. Any comment attached to a FROM file will not be copied unless the CLONE or COM option of COPY is specified. If the ALL option is given, FILENOTE will add the <comment> to all the files in the specified directory. If the QUIET option is given, screen output is suppressed. Example 1: 1> FILENOTE Sonata "allegro non troppo" Attaches the filenote "allegro non troppo" to the Sonata file. Example 2: 1> FILENOTE Toccata "*"presto*"" Attaches the filenote ""presto"" to the Toccata file.

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