[AmigaOS 3.1 Command Reference/Exchange] 


Format: EXCHANGE [CX_POPKEY<key>] [CX_POPUP<yes|no>] [CX_PRIORITY <Priority>] Template: [X_PRIORITY/N/K, CX_POPKEY/K, CX_POPUP/K Purpose: To monitor and control the Commodity Exchange programs. Path: Extras:Tools/Commodities/Exchange Specification: EXCHANGE is a Commodity Exchange program that monitors and controls all the other Commodity Exchange programs. CX_POPKEY allows you to specify the hot key for the program. If more than one key is specified, be sure to enclose the entire argument in double-quotes (i.e., "CX_POPKEY Shift F1"). CX_POPUP will keep the Exchange window from opening. CX_PRIORITY sets the priority of Exchange in relation to all the other Commodity Exchange programs. All the Commodity Exchange programs are set to a default priority of 0. To exit EXCHANGE once it has been started from the Shell, press Ctrl+C or use the BREAK command. Example: 1> EXCHANGE CX_POPKEY "Shift F1" The Exchange program will be started and its window will appear on the screen. If you Hide the window, then want to bring it back again, the hot key combination is Shift+F1.

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