[AmigaOS 3.1 Command Reference/EndShell] 


Format: ENDSHELL Template: (none) Purpose: To end a Shell process. Path: Internal Specification: ENDSHELL ends a Shell process. The Shell process can also be ended by ENDCLI or clicking on the Close gadget. ENDSHELL should only be used when the Workbench is loaded or another Shell is running. If you have quit the Workbench and you close your only Shell, you will be unable to communicate with the Amiga. Your only recourse will be to reboot. The Shell window may not close if any processes that were launched from the Shell are still running. Even though the window stays open, the Shell will not accept new input. You must terminate those processes before the window will close. For example, if you opened an editor from the Shell, the Shell window will not close until you exit the editor.

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