[AmigaOS 3.1 Command Reference/Echo] 


Format: ECHO [<string>] [NOLINE] [FIRST <n>] [LEN <n>] Template: /M, NOLINE/S, FIRST/K/N, LEN/K/N, TO/K Purpose: To display a string. Path: Internal Specification: ECHO writes the specified string to the current output window or device. By default this is the screen, but it could be to any device or file. When the string contains spaces, the whole string must be enclosed in double quotes. (ECHO is commonly used in scripts.) When the NOLINE option is specified, ECHO does not automatically move the cursor to the next line after printing the string. The FIRST and LEN options allow the echoing of a substring. FIRST <n> indicates the character position from which to begin the echo; LEN <n> indicates the number of characters of the substring to echo, beginning with the first character. If the FIRST option is omitted and only the LEN keyword is given, the substring printed will consist of the rightmost <n> characters of the main string. For example, if your string is 20 characters long and you specify LEN 4, the 17th, 18th, 19th, and 20th characters of the string will be echoed. Examples: 1> ECHO "Hello out there!" Hello out there! 1> ECHO "Hello out there!" NOLINE FIRST 1 LEN 5 Hello1>

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