[AmigaOS 3.1 Command Reference/Display] 


Format: DISPLAY {<filename>|FROM <filelist>} [OPT mlbpaenv t=<n>] Template: FILENAME/A/M, FROM/K, OPT/K, T/N Purpose: To display graphics saved in IFF ILBM format. Path: SYS:Utilities/Display Specification: DISPLAY displays graphics saved using the IFF ILBM format. You can enter a series of files on the command line, and they will be shown in the order given. You can also create a script containing a list of all the IFF files you'd like to display and use the FROM <filelist> argument. The options are listed below. Remember, the OPT keyword must be used.


Clicking the selection button displays the next file in the filelist; clicking the menu button displays the previous file.


Instead of exiting after the last picture, DISPLAY will return to the first file and start again.


Pictures stay on their own unactivated screen behind the Workbench screen. This is useful when printing pictures while doing something else.


Prints each file that is displayed. You can also press Ctrl+P while the file is on the screen.


Pictures that are larger than the display area will scroll automatically when the pointer is moved to the edge of the screen.


This option tells Display that the picture is in Extra Halfbrite mode. This is for users who may be using an early HAM paint package that does not save a CAMG chunk. Normally, if there is no CAMG, DISPLAY will treat the image as a HAM picture. A CAMG chunk is part of an IFF file that describes in which viewmode the picture should be displayed.


Borders will not be transparent when genlocked.


Pictures will be displayed with full-video display clip. This means that the picture will fill the maximum possible position on the right edge of the screen, going a little beyond the Overscan settings in Preferences. However, when using this option, the screen cannot be dragged sideways, and DISPLAY cannot center the picture. The t=<n> argument specifies the number of seconds the IFF file will be displayed. This allows for automatic advancing through files. Example 1: 1> DISPLAY file1 file2 file3 Displays the files in the order given. To advance from one file to the next, press Ctrl+C. Example 2: 1> DISPLAY FROM Scriptlist Displays the files listed in the Scriptlist file. Pressing Ctrl+C will advance to the next file. Example 3: 1> DISPLAY FROM Scriptlist OPT mp Displays the files listed in the Scriptlist file. Clicking the selection button advances to the next file in the list. Clicking the menu button displays the previous file. Each file is printed as it is displayed. Example 4: 1> DISPLAY FROM Scriptlist OPT t=5 Displays each file in the Scriptlist file for five seconds. DISPLAY is replaced by MultiView in Workbench 3.0 level software.

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