[AmigaOS 3.1 Command Reference/Date] 


Format: DATE [<day>] [<date>] [<time>] [TO|VER<filename>] Template: DAY, DATE, TIME, TO=VER/K Purpose: To display or set the system date and/or time. Path: C:DATE Specification: DATE with no argument displays the currently set system time and date, including the day of the week. Time is displayed using a 24-hour clock. DATE <date> sets just the date. The format for <date> is DD-MMM-W (day-month- year). The hyphens between the arguments are required. A leading zero in the date is not necessary. The number or the first 3 letters of the month (in English) must be used, as well as the last two digits of the year. If the date is already set, you can reset it by specifying a day name (this sets the date forward to that day of the week). You cannot specify a day name to change the date to more than seven days into the future. You can also use tomorrow or yesterday as the <day> argument. DATE <time> sets the time. The format for <time> is HH:MM:SS (hours:minutes: seconds). Seconds are optional. If your Amiga does not have a battery backed-up hardware clock and you do not set the date, the system, upon booting, will set the date to the date of the most recently created file on the boot disk. If you specify the TO or VER option, followed by a filename, the output of the DATE command will be sent to that file, overwriting any existing contents. Adjustments made with DATE only change the software clock. They will not survive past power-down. To set the battery back-up hardware clock from the Shell, you must set the date then use SETCLOCK SAVE. Example 1: 1> DATE Displays the current date and time. Example 2: 1> DATE 6-sep-82 Sets the date to September 6, 1982. The time is not reset. Example 3: 1> DATE tomorrow Resets the date to one day ahead. Example 4: 1> DATE TO Fred Sends the current date to the file Fred. Example 5: 1> DATE 23:00 Sets the current time to 11:00 p.m. Example 6: 1> DATE 1-jan-02 Sets the date to January lst, 2002. The earliest date you can set is January 1, 1978.

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