[AmigaOS 3.1 Command Reference/CrossDOS] 


Format: CROSSDOS [CX_PRIORITY <priority>] [CX_POPKEY <key>] [CX_POPUP <yes|no>] Template: CX_PRIORITY/N/K, CX_POPKEY/K, CX_POPUP/K Purpose: To set text filter and conversion options. Path: Extras:Tools/Commodities/CrossDOS Specification: CROSSDOS lets you read from and write to MS-DOS formatted disks using your standard Amiga drives. This makes it simple to transfer information such as text, font, database, and graphics files between Amiga and MS-DOS computers. Use the CROSSDOS command to set text filter and conversion options during this transfer. The Standard DOS drivers for CrossDOS are PC0: and PC1:, which correspond to DF0: and DF1:. These two drivers allow an Amiga floppy drive to read from and write to 720kB MS-DOS disks. CrossDOS drivers still handle your Amiga disks normally. CX_POPKEY allows you to specify the hot key for the program. If more than one key is specified, be sure to enclose the entire argument in double- quotes (i.e., CX_POPKEY="Shift F1"). CX_POPUP=no will prevent the CrossDOS window from opening. By default the program window opens when the command is invoked. CX_PRIORITY sets the priority of CrossDOS in relation to all other Commodity Exchange programs. All the Commodity Exchange programs are set to a default priority of 0. For complete information on CrossDOS, see Using the Amiga Worhbench manual.

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