[AmigaOS 3.1 Command Reference/ConClip] 


Format: CONCLIP [UNIT <unit number>] [OFF] Template: UNIT/N, OFF/S Purpose: To move data between the console.device, the clipboard.device and CON: Path: C:CONCLlP Specification: CONCLIP is called from the standard Startup-Sequence. When it is run, the user can copy text from standard Shell windows by drag selecting text with the mouse. Once text is highlighted, it can then be copied to the clipboard by pressing right Amiga+C. In addition, some other console.device windows may support the ability to drag select text, such as ED and MEmacs. The copied text can then be pasted into any application window which supports reading text from the clipboard, such as the Shell, ED, and MEmacs. To paste text, press right Amiga+V. CONCLIP requires iffparse.library and the clipboard.device and opens the first time you copy or paste text. Because of this, users with floppy-based systems may notice some delay as iffparse.library and the clipboard.device are loaded from disk (assuming that they have not already been loaded by some other application). The UNIT option allows you to specify the clipboard.device unit number to use. You can specify any unit from 0 to 255. The default number is 0. This option is primarily for advanced users or programmers who may want to use different units for different data, such as one for text and another for graphics. You do not need to turn CONCLIP off to change the UNIT number. Simply run the command from the Shell, specifying the new unit number. The next time you copy and paste, that clipboard unit will be used. The OFF option allows the more advanced user or programmer to turn off CONCLIP. When turned off, text is not copied to the clipboard, and pasting is transparently managed by the console.device. In general, there is no reason to turn CONCLIP off.

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