[AmigaOS 3.1 Command Reference/Colors] 


Format: COLORS [<bitplanes> <screentype>] Template: BITPLANES, SCREENTYPE Purpose: To change the colors of the frontmost screen. Path: Extras:Tools/Colors Specification: COLORS lets you change the colors of the frontmost screen. By specifying values for the <bitplanes> and <screentype> options, you can open a custom test screen. The acceptable values for <bitplanes> and <screentype> are listed below: <bitplanes> <screentype> 1 2 colors 0 320 x 200 pixels 2 4 colors 1 320 x 400 pixels 3 8 colors 2 640 x 200 pixels 4 16 colors 3 640 x 400 pixels 5 32 colors NB! The number of bitplanes specifices the depth of the test screen, and the screentype specifies the resolution of the test screen. The value for <bitplanes> is restricted to 4 or less if the value for <screentype> is equal to either 2 or 3. Example: 1> COLORS 3 2 A new custom screen will be opened, and it will display a window for the color program. The screen will have 8 colors and a resolution of 640 x 200 pixels.

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