[AmigaOS 3.1 Command Reference/CMD] 


Format: CMD <devicename> <filename> [OPT s|m|n] Template: DEVICENAME/A, FlLENAME/A, OPT/K Purpose: To redirect printer output to a file. Path: Extras:Tools/CMD Specification: The <devicename> can be serial, parallel or printer, and should be the same device as specified in the Printer editor. <Filename> is the name of the file to which the redirected output should be sent. The CMD options are as follows:


Skip any short initial write (usually a reset if redirecting a screen dump).


Intercept multiple files until a BREAK command or Ctrl+C is entered.


Notify user of progress (messages are displayed on screen). Example: 1> CMD PAR: RAM:cmd_file Any output sent to the parallel port will be rerouted to a file in RAM: called cmd_file.

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