[AmigaOS 3.1 Command Reference/Clock] 


Format: CLOCK [DIGITAL] [<LEFT>] [<TOP>] [<WIDTH>] [<HEIGHT>] [24HOUR] [SECONDS] [DATE] [<FORMAT>] [PUBSCREEN <public screen name>] Template: DIGITAL/S, LEFT/N, TOP/N, WIDTH/N, HEIGHT/N, 24HOUR/5, SECONDS/5, DATE/5, FORMAT/N, PUBSCREEN/K Purpose: To provide an on-screen clock. Path: SYS:Utilities/Clock Specification: CLOCK allows you to display an on-screen clock. The DIGITAL option opens a digital clock. The LEFT, TOP, WIDTH, and HEIGHT options allow you to specify the size and position of the clock. The keywords are optional; however, the clock understands numerical arguments by their position, as outlined below:

1st number

The clock will open <n> pixels from the left edge of the screen.

2nd number

The clock will open <n> pixels from the top of the screen.

3rd number

The clock will be <n> pixels wide.

4th number

The clock will be <n> pixels high. For example, if you only wanted to specify the width and height of the Clock, you would have to use the WIDTH and HEIGHT keywords. If you only entered two numbers, the clock would interpret them as the LEFT and TOP positions. WIDTH and HEIGHT are not available if you use the DIGITAL option. You cannot change the size of the digital clock, although you can specify its position. If the SECONDS option is specified, the seconds are displayed. If the DATE option is specified, the date is displayed. Example 1: To open a clock that is 75 pixels from the left edge of the screen, 75 pixels from the top edge of the screen, 300 pixels wide and 100 pixels high, enter: 1> CLOCK 75 75 300 100 Example 2: To use the SECONDS, DATE and 24HOUR options, enter: 1> CLOCK SECONDS DATE 24HOUR Example 3: To open a digital clock that is 320 pixels from the left edge of the screen and in the screen's title bar (0 pixels from the top), enter: 1> CLOCK DIGITAL 320 0

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