[AmigaOS 3.1 Command Reference/ChangeTaskPri] 


Format: CHANGETASKPRI <priority> PROCESS [<process number>] Template: PRI=PRIORITY/A/N, PROCESS/K/N Purpose: To change the priority of a currently running process. Path: C:CHANGETASKPRI Specification: Since the Amiga is multitasking, it uses priority numbers to determine the order in which current tasks should be serviced. Normally, most tasks have a priority of 0, and the time and instruction cycles of the CPU are divided equally among them. CHANGETASKPRI changes the priority of the specified Shell process. (If no process is specified, the current Shell process is assumed.) Any tasks started from <process number> inherit its priority. Use the STATUS command to display the current process numbers. The range of acceptable values for <priority> is the integers from -128 to 127, with higher values yielding a higher priority (a greater proportion of CPU time is allocated). However, do not enter values above +10, or you may disrupt important system tasks. Too low a priority (less than 0) can result in a process taking unreasonably long to execute. Example: 1> CHANGETASKPRI 4 Process 2 The priority of Process 2 is changed to 4. Any tasks started from this Shell will also have a priority of 4. They will have priority over any other user tasks created without using CHANGETASKPRI (those tasks will have a priority of 0). See also: STATUS

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