[AmigaOS 3.1 Command Reference/Break] 


Format: BREAK <process> [ALL|C|D|E|F] Template: PROCESS/A/N, ALL/S, C/S, D/S, E/S, F/S Purpose: To set attention flags in the specified process. Path: C:BREAK Specification: BREAK sets the specified attention flags in the <process> indicated. Use the STATUS command to display the currrent process numbers. C sets the Ctrl+C flag, D sets the Ctrl+D flag, and so on. ALL sets all the flags from Ctrl+C to Ctrl+F. By default, only the Ctrl+C flag is set. The action of BREAK is identical to selecting the relevant process by clicking in its window and pressing the appropriate Ctrl+key combination(s). Ctrl+C is used as the default for sending a BREAK signal to halt a process. A process that has been aborted this way will display ***BREAK in the Shell window. Ctrl+D is used to halt execution of a script file. Use the STATUS command to display the current process numbers. Ctrl+F is used by programs that open windows. Sending these programs a Ctrl+F signal will cause them to activate their window and bring it to the front of all windows. Not all programs respond to Ctrl+F. Example 1: 1> BREAK 7 Sets the Ctrl+C attention flag of process 7. This is identical to selecting process 7 and pressing Ctrl+C. Example 2: 1> BREAK 5 D Sets the Ctrl+D attention flag of process 5. See also: STATUS

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