[AmigaOS 3.1 Command Reference/Blanker] 


Format: BLANKER [CX_PRIORITY <priority>] [CX_POPKEY <key>] [CX_POPUP=<yes|no>) [SECONDS <timeout>] [CYCLECOLORS <yes|no>] [ANIMATION <yes|no>] Template: CX PRIORITY/N/K, CX POPKEY/K, CX POPUP/K, SECONDS/N/K, CYCLECOLORS/K, ANIMATION/K Purpose: To cause the monitor screen to go blank if no input has been received within a specified period of time. Path: Extras:Tools/Commodities/Blanker Specification: BLANKER is a Commodity Exchange program that causes the screen to go blank if no mouse or keyboard input has been received in the specified number of seconds. The SECONDS argument allows you to specify the number of seconds that must pass. The acceptable range is from 1 to 9999. Default is 60 seconds. CX_POPKEY allows you to specify the hot key for the program. If more than one key is specified, be sure to enclose the entire argument in double- quotes (i.e., CX_POPKEY="Shift F1"). CX_POPUP=no will prevent the Blanker window from opening. (By default the program window opens when the command is invoked.) CX_PRIORITY sets the priority of Blanker in relation to all other Commodity Exchange programs. All the Commodity Exchange programs are set to a default priority of 0. If CYCLECOLORS=yes is specified, Blanker will cycle through a series of colors. If CYCLECOLORS=no is specified, Blanker will display the default color. If ANIMATION=yes is specified, the screen will display a series of random splines. If ANIMATION=no is specified, a blank screen will appear. To exit Blanker when it has been started through the Shell, press Ctrl+C or use the BREAK command. Example 1: 1> BLANKER SECONDS=45 The Blanker window will open, and 45 will be displayed inside its text gadget. If no mouse or keyboard input is received during a 45 second interval, the screen will go blank. Example 2: 1> BLANKER CX_POPUP=no The Blanker program will start. If no input is received within 60 seconds (the default), the screen will go blank. The Blanker window will not open.

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