[AmigaOS 3.1 Command Reference/Avail] 


Format: AVAIL [CHIP|FAST|TOTAL] [FLUSH] Template: CHlP/S, FAST/S, TOTAL/S, FLUSH/S Purpose: To report the amount of CHIP and FAST memory available. Path: C:AVAlL Specification: AVAIL gives a summary of the system RAM, both CHIP and FAST. For each memory type, AVAIL reports the total amount of memory, how much is available, how much is currently in use, and the largest contiguous memory block not yet allocated. By using the CHIP, FAST and/or TOTAL options, you can have AVAIL display only the number of free bytes of CHIP, FAST or TOTAL RAM available, instead of the complete summary. This value can be used for comparisons in scripts. The FLUSH option causes all unused libraries, devices, and fonts to be expunged from memory. Example 1: 1> AVAIL Type Available In-Use Maximum Largest chip 233592 282272 515864 76792 fast 341384 182896 524280 197360 total 574976 465168 1040144 197360 A complete summary of system RAM is displayed. Example 2: 1> AVAIL CHIP 233592 The number of free bytes of CHIP RAM is displayed.

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