[AmigaOS 3.1 Command Reference/AutoPoint] 


Format: AUTOPOINT [CX_PRIORITY <priority>] Template: CX_PRIORITY/N/K Purpose: To automatically select any window the pointer is over. Path: Extras:Tools/Commodities/AutoPoint Specification: When AUTOPOINT is run, any window that the pointer is over is automatically selected. You do not need to click the selection button to activate it. The CX_PRIORITY <priority> argument sets the priority of AutoPoint in relation to all the other Commodity Exchange programs. (This is the same as entering a CX_PRIORITY=<priority> Tool Type in the icon's Information window.) All the Commodity Exchange programs are set to a default priority of 0. If you specify a <priority> value higher than 0, AutoPoint will take priority over any other Commodity Exchange program. To exit AutoPoint when it has been started from a Shell, press Ctrl+C or use the BREAK command. Example: 1> AUTOPOINT Starts the AutoPoint program.

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