[AmigaOS 3.1 Command Reference/AddDataTypes] 


Format: ADDDATATYPES {FILES} [QUIET] [REFRESH] Template: FILES/M, QUIET/S, REFRESH/S Purpose: To build a list of data types that datatypes.library can understand. Path: C:ADDDATATYPES Specification: ADDDATATYPES is used by datatypes.library to build a list of data types that it can understand. DataType descriptors are stored in DEVS:DataTypes. ADDDATATYPES can also be called by application installation scripts to add their own data types to the list. Basically, ADDDATATYPES is not a user program. The FILES option specifies the name(s) of the DataType descriptors to add to the list of DataType descriptors. The QUIET option, if specified, will suppress error and output messages. The REFRESH option, if specified, will scan the DEVS:DataTypes directory for new or changed DataType descriptors. ADDDATATYPES is valid on Workbench 3.0 level software.

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