260 Free MUD/MOO/MUSH Locations

Over the past couple of decades I've been fiddling with a MUD server. During this time I created tons of locations, complete with Names, Locations, and Exit information. As my MUD creation days are currently on hiatus, I've decided to provide some of the core locations I created as Open Source, on the MIT Licence.

In the zip-file linked below is a tab-separated text file containing the locations. The columns included are:

It should be fairly trivial for any MUD admin to import/convert this list in to something their MUD/MOO/MUSH can use. There's probably typos in some of the locations - if you find any, let me know so I can update the archive.

Have fun, and I hope this helps anyone who wants start running a MUD.

Download: MUD32Locations_v1.0_2015-02-02.zip